The GoodLife Digital Planner is an intuitive, modern, hyperlinked planner built to have the look and feel of an app. It is NOT an app, but is used with an app like GoodNotes or Zinnia. To learn more, watch the detailed walk-through on YouTube. Click HERE to see that. You can also download a free sample of the GoodLife Planner below.


  • You may not redistribute, alter, sell, or give away the files provided or any part(s) of the files.
  • You may not incorporate the file(s) in any products intended to be sold.
  • To get additional freebies, click HERE.

January 2022 GoodLife Digital Planner

The free planner is exactly like the 2022 GoodLife Planner shown in the images, except it is just for January 2022. This gives you the opportunity to try it out before you purchase the full GoodLife Planner. Enjoy!

  • To download, click on the “Get the free sample” button below.
  • The planner will open in your browser. 
  • Download to your device.